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Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris - Baby

Music Video by Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris performing Baby

I know you love meh
I just don't care
You call my house phone
But I'm not there
You want my love
It's not my fault
But who's baby is you pushin' in that cart
Am i the dadday?
Girl quit playin!
We used protection--
... well i'm just sayin'
Must be anothers',
Cause' she don't have my eyes
My first girl that i dated off craigslist
But that ain't my..

Baby, Baby, Baby
(nOOOO) that's not my..

Baby, Baby, Baby
(oooh!) that ain't my..

Baby, Baby, Baby

don't say that baby's mine.. mine..
I'm tellin' you..
To stop being a stalker
I-i just can't believe
That it's my daughter..
And I'm tryna play it cool
But you show up at school
And it's embarrassing
When you go throw my things
And I got stitches!
Cause' you bit me..
Everytime I see you,
It feels like a bad dreeeam
Get out my town , town
And I just can't believe
My first baby look so brown
It's not my--

Baby, Baby, Baby
(nOOOO) that ain't my..

Baby, Baby, Baby
(oooh!) it can't be

Baby, Baby, Baby

Don't say that baby's mine.. mine..

oh dat's my babyy
You must be on druggss
There's nobody that can sat that's my baby
And until you take a test,
I don't really giva &$!#
You must be going crazay
You need some handcuffs
She's at my job daily!

I work at starbucks
She likes to stand her ground,
Don't move her feet, when I'm driving down the street, and
She think I'm playin' arooound
But I'ma take her up to 'Maury' on the weekend
Her breath is got me gazin'!
And now she got me prayin'
Whos baby are you raisin'
Well Justin keep on sangin'

Baby, Baby, Baby

Baby, Baby, Baby

Baby, Baby, Baby

Don't say that baby's mine.. mine..


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